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1989 Torker 2 Micro - Japan/Oz only release.

Nov 13 '12 5:48PM PST
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Re-listing this at a firm price. Had listed for $ 350.00 with offers a few times but people don't follow through or show up. $ 300.00 firm and will be shipped lower 48 only. No dibs. Must have 10 positive and no negative feedback to buy.

1989 Torker 2 Micro  - Japan/Oz only release. Was known as Rok-on in Australia Market. Was a Tioga built frame. Great shape. I think the Tires and possibly grips not og. It even has ARAYA mag wheels. What the world right? Should be original though. Never even knew they made them. Rides nice. real looker.
As far as the wheels there pretty good. I didnt see any cracks. Minor rust under seat post tube frame plate. Good bath will clean up.
Bike has diacompe mx brakes. Tioga seat clamp and seat post.
Thanks, Paul


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Item sold.


Your pics are too small yikes

I will fix when home. Thanks

All fixed. Thanks

Would you ship to Australia mate?????

Also closer pic of fork drop outs and cranks? please.

whats the frame made out of?? all i can recall of the american torkers was they were high tensile...?..thanks,im def interested...ive never even seen one of these.

Says product of japan. No other discription of feel accept seat post says Tioga chromoly. not overly heavy bike though. Feels Quality to me. this was not aN American release model from the research I did.  Someones going to buy a real head turner bike. I could have exported 5 times by now for more money. Thanks, Paul

got any more pics?? im over here in western does all this work?? im a newbie here you have any literature or info about these other than what youve posted so far?..again sorry if im asking too many questions....cheers

hello??..i thought you wanted to sell this bike??

Sure. Hit buy now!

id like to..except,im asking for more pics before i hit that....
seriously Paul,go look on ebay at my rl20-11,its at 6 bills right now,i just sold a haro master too..its not like i am trying to lead you on Very interested in your bike,like i said,i just need some better pics please...thats all im asking for,err plus i wanted to know the top tube length as well please..thanks and hope to hear from you my area zip is 14572 ny

Sorry but you need a history of purchases on the museum to buy this bike. Per my description of the sale you need 10 positive feedback to purchase. I will p.m. you my phone number if you want to discuss. Thanks Paul

well im a new guy Paul so lets talk then on the phone,cause ill never get any positive feedbacks if noone sells to me right? lol i look forwards to your pm cheers! Rob

Plenty of pics now. LOL

TY so much better,looks good Paul,however,you didnt include your phone number tho and havent called mine yet...?

Many thanks for the call and the Excellent Buying this bike and
thanks for your advice as well Paul,i learned more in a half hour than i thought was possible!

Nice bike, never seen one of these before (im a sucker for twin top tube frames)

Nice to see you guys hash things out and to see Maddmax get the bike he wanted.

yes Paul is a Great guy,i had some serious problems with paypal,we still cant touch our money yet and paul worked with me and let me take time to pay.
he also spent quite some time on the phone explaining various bmx things to me,for which i am very grateful.

again Great seller and  Thanks to You Paul!
ps,the rest of the money left today headed your way smile

ps,if anyone has a 540 air they want to sell,lmk please smile

I've got a NOS 540 air Black/Pink that I'll sell.
Get in touch...

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