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Torker 24 Cruiser Frame and Fork

Nov 5 '12 4:18PM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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This is for the frame and fork only. The complete bike is also available. See that listing for details.

This is the first frame I ever bought when I started collecting. She's a beauty and a joy to ride. Unfortunately, I've had little time to do the latter. It just hangs in my garage with all my other bikes. I took it for a spin last week while running errands. I think it's the most comfy cruising bike I have. I've decided to slowly and methodically (So I have time to catch myself if I start to feel regret.) start selling off some of my bikes and this is the first to go. Everything you see here is included in the price, unless noted below.

No trades. Sorry, no overseas shipping on this one.

I also have this listed for sale as complete bike for $2,700 plus $100 shipping.

Frame: 1982 Torker 24": I am the second owner of the frame. The guy I bought it from said he raced it once, hated it, and hung it up. It's VERY clean. The headbadge is the OG 1982 head badge Torker used. These were used for one or two runs of frames before the stickers went to the 280X style. This is a very early example of the very rare Torker 24" cruiser.

Fork: Torker 24" fork (NOS): These are really hard to find. Took me 4+ years. Frame came with Profile forks. I bought these NOS and put them on the bike. Since then, I've only ridden the bike twice.


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Item sold.


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