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1985 GT Performer Forks

Nov 4 '12 8:54PM PST
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Up for sale here is really good rider condition powder coated white 1985 GT Performer freestyle forks. Any and all questions just ask. Item will be shipped via UPS at no charge within US(except Hawaii & Alaska). International buyers ask for quote. Any and all offers will be reviewed. Price is not set in stone.


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Item sold.


strange no see brake cable guide, do you know why?

Didn't know 85 had them I've owned these since new. They came off my 85 white & orange performer I had as a kid. The only thing I've done is repowder them and they have always been white.

cool IDK either, GLWS

Great looking forks!, if I bought these I'd start looking for a frame!! But who knows for the right price ! big_smile

are you sure they're not 84 forks? i thought just the 84's didnt have cable guides...

Are there any dings dents or bends?

No dings dents or bends. I only owned 1 performer as a kid and it was a 85 and these are the forks from that bike so that's why it is listed as 85 if I'm incorrect I apologize. Either way I think this is a great price.

Im new on here and for some reason cant pm you im interested can you pm me?

Pretty sure that cable guide was late 85 into 86 only.  RARE 86 had two cable guides (one on each side).

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