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85 GT World Tour Nice Chrome w/ OG Decals Made in USA

Nov 11 '12 8:59AM PST
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International members w/ good feedback welcome.  International shipping will be an extra $107 for USPS Priority post fully insured.

  Please feel free to ask any questions or add comments via the thread or pm smile  I can take more pics of anything per request also.

  Fairly rare May 1985 US made chrome GT World Tour.  Sale includes frame, forks, GT Epoch head set, 1st gen Skyway Spin Master, GT freestyle bars, GT Mallet stem, (2) Dia Compe chrome brake cable guides (not shown).  All parts are original to the bike.  Bike was purchased from original owners mother.

  Chrome is in nice shape on all pieces and shows very nice.  Some small amount of flaking on the right rear drop out end.  Washer marks on drop outs.  Scar on the coaster brake tab.  Two tiny dings/marks on frame. One on the right side of the top tube (see pic).  This will easily cover w/ brake cable guide. Second tiny ding is on the left chain stay just above the coaster brake tab.  Bars have a few scratches on the right side bar bend.  Besides whats mentioned above, there is no other damage, IE; dents, cracks, repairs etc.  Brake bridge and fork drop outs are perfect.

  Skyway Spin Master is complete.  I removed some of the hardware for cleaning ( see pic of Ziploc bag).

  Single cable guide on US made fork.

  Handle bars are uncut 28 3/4" wide w/ a 9"rise.  Very rare, unique knurling on the bars.  Knurling located on the stem area and both brake lever mount areas.  Never seen another set of GT freestyle bars w/ this knurling.  They are real GT bars w/ OG decals.  Have no idea what the story is behind the knurling on the bars.  All I know is that their authentic.

  Very cool project for any of you early freestyle boys.  These early chrome US made World Tours w/ OG decals don't pop up everyday.  Great opportunity to have something all original and different from the other boys smile

  $ 425 shipped west of the Mississippi  $435 east of the river


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Item sold to JimJum.


Let me know if stem is up for grabs

I love this this bike!!!!

Cool .....wish had the $$


Sale pending to Sabbath72 not JimJum

I'll have a mod fix this on the morning

  Sale pending payment sent via money order ad per pm smile

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