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ONE of a kind GT- 1986 BMX Black Limo NOS

Nov 3 '12 10:47PM PDT
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Up for auction,  another goodie from the vaults of BMX.....NOS..1986 GT Black Limo....
A piece of BMX history. This was the first of it's kind, custom built for a Racer buddy of mine. It was so custom, there was not a serial # stamped as it was a one of a kind frame.
Top Tube 20.5 Inches long, the first of its kind back when this frame was built. (photo's dont show it, but the top tube is a full 20.5")
Only a few tiny, small blemishes. Welds are top notch. Finish is original paint with og Decals. This frame was ahead of its time, with incredible leg room for a 20" racer.
This frame was never built or ridden on. The paint has a few tiny, hard to see scratches. No chips or dents or dings at all.
Pleasse ask question up front, and check with me on shipping, if out of USA,


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Item sold.


ok,i see a 88 or 89 gt pro series with a 19.5" top tube here with mid 90s decals..the drop outs are late 80s and the finish looks very fresh.the seat mast has been over tightened and pinched.its been built.

It's nice but very short on $$

any response to the comment by Auburnites?
the seat tube at least?
the decals maybe also........?
interested to know

Yes, my response: I just looked it over careffully. Rear drop out shows zero signs of ever having a wheel. Bottom bracket and head tube show zero signs of having cups. Seat post tube clamp area and rear brake bridge look un touched. No signs of mounting anything. Top tube is closer to 20.5 "....
So, as I stated, this was personally made for a Pro racer friend of mine, as a 1 off frame set. There is no serial # because it was a one off build. It is a rare, one of a kind frame.
Fiinish is og black paint. There is still definition in the beads of the welds. If it was powdered, the definition is usually burried, this finish is paint. Its been sitting in a frame box for 25 years untouched. As per the decals, I am no GT expert, and I dont know when they where applied. But, this frame shows zero signs of being built. And, I find  auburnites cander kind of typical of some people who know it all, as he is telling us what it is, with out any 1st hand knowledge.  It is not in his possession, nor does he know the circumstances about the history on this frame. So, where he comes up with his "this is what it is" approach is kinda lame.

NOTE: Looking thru  the archives, at 86-90 Pro series, I see differences, like the 86 looks overall the same, rear dropouts are the same, but brake bridge is different. Then I see these same decals on a 90', but then the drop outs are different.  Again, rare, one of a kind.. So I dont know, you tell me what it is..Tell me this, why is there no serial number??????? ......Enuf said....

In retrospect, after looking thru Auburnites PERSONAL COLLECTION, I do give him props as being a knowledgable collector, he does have some nice bikes.  My annoyance is just  how typically quick people are to say "what it is" out of their own experience. Without entertaining the possibility that there is an un known factor that could make things unique, or different. I prefer to keep an open mind, and accept that even though I am also an expert, I can always learn from others. Its what keeps me young at heart, as I am always open to new ideas, and to find that there are always exceptions to the rules.
Anyways, I stand my ground, that this frame is unique, and I now dare any of you to show me one other frame, with same brake bridge, rear drop outs, and 20.5" top tube. Show me...

i have two of these exact frames,an 88 gt pro series with the same brake bridge,and an 89 gt pro series with the same brake bridge and both have the same drop 90 they changed the drops and brake bridge.....the seat mast is pinched from an over tightned clamp and shows clearly in your pics.that is just commenting on the proof i see infront of me in those pics.the tape measure tells all..the measurement for the top tube should start at the center of the seat mast to the center of the headtube.19.5" is what i no expert on anything and dont claim to just stating some facts that seem to be obvious to me.i dont like bashing nor did i mean any ill will for this post or elf_24.

Cool, I appriciate your comments, as well as adding to my post, and my sale. I wrote the second long winded  reply as I didn't want you to feel I was taking this personal, or  I didn't want you to feel I was lashing out at you.  Out of curiosity, I looked at your bikes, and realized you are a collector as myself, and  I wanted to make sure you knew there was no hard feelings, and I thank you for the info you brought forth. Its posts like this that we learn and profit from, in our sharing of knowledge. Thanks man...

The one thing that throws me, is, I see what you mean about the seat post mast, yet, there are no witness marks of a seat clamp ever squeezing it, that has me puzzled....

all good my man.never anything personal..glad to see its sale pending.and thanks for the props,you have some sick rides yourself  i

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