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Vintage 1987 Mongoose Californian BMX Frame & Fork Black

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Used but in good condition. No dents, cracks, or repairs. Original black finish and decals. Some paint wear/scuffs but, not bad. Nice frame! Lots more pics below.

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if you feel like shipping to toronto, canada - im interested
PM me. GLWS otherwise!

Very nice! I have a chrome one but haven't seen one in black before. Looks great! If only I had the money roll

Really nice!!!  I've not seen one of those for over 24yrs now. It's great to see some of them still around out there...... Thanks......

Nice. Brings back some memories of my old ride. Glws.

Not often this frame set comes up, Definitely a sick- light ride. I'd buy it but already got one of my own tongue

Had one just like this back in the day, can't remember for the life of me what happened to it... hmm  GLWS!

PM if you are interested in a trade smile

she still for sale???????????????
shoot me a pm boss

still for sale!!

If you change your mind about trade I still want it

Would you consider posting to Australia?

Yes I can ship to Australia

sold to fastfix