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Redline RL-860 (98-99).

Feb 11 '13 8:54AM PST
Ship International Int'l
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97 Redline RL-860 Great condition Survivor.

Dibs rules. Paypal to Bike is rider condition but does not have cracks, d's or r-w's. Drops are like new.  Decals have cracking lines but are whole and OG.  Powder has some scratches here and there......nothing abnormal. Bike rides awesome.

Great Retro builder or ride as is. The serial says WV8F***** not sure if its a 98 or early 99.  Bike comes as pictured.  $275.00 Shipped in the lower 48 all others pay full Shipping.

paypal to


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Item sold to willcruz82.


Wow saweeeeet ride that haro sprocket is nice I wanna get one the same color I can only find the black and red.

Thanks bro,  there pretty hard to find to!!! cool  Probably selling those parts to make an offer??

For the right price I could be persuaded to sell the bike as pictured. wink


So tempting!  Must resist.

I must do the same:)

Let me talk to the wife tonight!! Will let you know

Sounds good bro wink LMK cool

This still available ?

whats the right price for it as it sits in the pictures Without the stock parts shipped to 14572 ny ??

maddmaxivan pm sent.

This still avilable?

Yup.  -og cranks and bars........those are sold now.

Nice bike and a great price.

That thing is BAD ASS.

i love this bike, caught my eye as soon as i saw it... i want to buy it now!!!! however i am new to here and it is saying i need twenty posts... i have paypal... so lets work something out and i will take this off your hands today!!!   p.s. i only want it if is still complete and looks like it does in THIS picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! if its not whole we can negotiate another price!!!

GLWS!!! This bike is Awsome!!

cool Thanks for the cool comments guys.  wink

speek2me03........ Hey bro I replied to your PM..... LMK -r  cool

Why hasnt this shipped?

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