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incredible survivor cond. HUTCH JUDGE frame set!

Nov 26 '12 7:39PM PST
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Forget powdered and restored frame sets. Chrome is what separates the men from the boys because a re-chrome looks nothing like OG. This incredible Hutch Judge frame set is 100% OG chrome and near immaculate survivor condition. Very rare to find in this condition. Virtually zero scuffs anywhere, especially on the usual areas such as the stays or fork legs. All dropouts are super nice. I have not cleaned this up at all or removed any of the stickers. It'll be your baby. A solid 9.6 out of 10. The only way to get any better is NOS without any shelf damage. This frame set has just a few super minor inclusions just to remind you that it's a true survivor. Held onto this for a long time and hate to sell. Serial # 1053253 on inside of left dropout.

Be sure to check my other listing for a 100% OG sticker set for this that includes the uber-rare black-on-chrome OG "The Judge Series" stay decals and split-back Nora Cup decal!

Free ship to USA. No Int'l shipping, sorry.

I know you guys know what you're doing,  but I gotta offer my $.02 on this: Polish this frame set by hand with soft cotton cloth and chrome polish (no power tools!), then wipe areas to be decal'd with isopropyl alcohol before applying decals. If you use the peel-n-stick method, you will have only 1 shot at it because those stickers will really grab. You might want to try the soapy water method when applying rare OG stickers, and practice first with repro's to get the hang of it.


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Item sold to SKYWAYNE1026.

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