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1982 Floval Flyer Frame/Fork

Nov 18 '12 7:32PM PST
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Up for sale is a 1982 (roughly going by the serial number)  looptail Floval Flyer with unstamped landing gear forks.  The powder is superb (except on the inside of the drop outs, see pic).  It comes with powdered drop out savers (rear).   This bike used to belong to Brian Lopes, SE factory, BMx hall of fame, and Mountain bike hall of fame rider.  It was his personal cruiser. It was given to the guy who powder coated all of SE Racings frames back in the early 80's, Mike Smay.  I am still trying to get the provenance on this frame.  Mike Smay sold this frame to Gunslinger, here on the museum.  The condition of the frame and fork is superb.  No cracks, rewelds, etc.  The decals are NOS.  Don't miss out on a rare SE cruiser!  Thanks foe looking!  I ship to the lower 48 only.  All fair offers will be considered!


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Item sold.


My camera screwed up!!  I will add more pics! Sorry!

Looking forward in seeing the rest of it loveeeeeeeeeeeee Flovals!

very nice i would be sad if i had to sell that....GLWS!

pullin out the goods tonight:D

Awesome stuff man!!!


helll yeahh. cool as cool

Mega DOPE!

Whats the deal? You and Justin getting rid of alot of nice stuff. I know Justins looking at the Camaro.

Just thinning out the herd!  I need to take a bedroom back!

it was b lopes bike bitd-i vouch for it

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