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Eastern Ultra Slim Forks 990 Brakes BRAND NEW

Feb 13 '13 8:19PM PST
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Here is brand new Eastern Cr-Mo Ultra Slim Forks with complete 990 brake kit.These have 14mm dropouts.
This is a steal on these!!!!!!
Have about 20 of these on hand!
Thanks Lenny


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Item sold.


hi,sorry im new so forgive me if i err,but could you post bigger pics of those forks,
the pics are tiny on my screen and the angles wrong

like a really fullsize good pics of the side profile of the forks and front profile of them?

so i can see what theyd look like on the bike/geometry-wise.
i like the way the dropouts extend so far forwards,changes the whole setup.
how thick are the dropouts themselves?? beefy,thin?
how longs the headtube and is it threadless yes?
thanks in advance

Sorry I just seen that they are small.I will post bigger pictures.Thanks Lenny

Check them now.Yes it is Threadless.

okay how about a picture of the entire fork standing upright from the side?
so we can see what theyll look like installed..

gaaaaa....mustard yellow.

are these forks 4130 ?

the color doesnt matter,you can always fix that later,the price is great esp including the brakeset with it and if hed just post a Good side profile be interested...the pics he has up are cut off the whole fork and really weird wondering also if they are 4130,whats the headtube length,how thick are those dropouts...same questions i asked already basically..well up to you please advise and maybe new pics?? thanks

An easy way to get a fast answer is to PM me. I have a ton of stuff for sale. Hard to check the post every few mins. I will check the head tube length and post it up. These are Ultra Slim forks. Eastern used them on there bikes for about 5 years.A picture of them on a bike is not hard to come by. Not trying to be a smart butt. Just if you need something please PM me. Thanks

Ok guys the steer tube is 6 1/2in long. Yes they are 4130. The drop outs are really beefy.If anyone needs something please PM me,Thanks Lenny

pm sent

pm sent

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