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Redline RL20 Prostyler Frame and fork and headset

Nov 26 '12 3:24PM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Redline 1984 Rl20 frame fork and headset. This bike is nearly perfect. This was built up as a show bike, has little wear on the drop outs where wheels were mounted. This was painted by C4 labs, new RL stickers (the correct ones that fit). What can I say but you will not find another like this unless it's NOS. Stop looking and buy it!
Photos show condition of frame. Let me know if you have questions. I can send more pics if needed. Shipping USA Free.  Shipping out side USA will be priced accordingly. No trades, Paypal only please. Again this is for the frame, fork and headset is included.


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Item sold.


Gorgeous, gorgeous and uh...gorgeous.

That's nice!

One of the best overvall designs, Redline nailed it with this one.. best sticker set ever?
I really enjoy rding this frameset,and can wheelie it for awhile!! GLWS

i regret selling mine,when i got it, it was nos with box. of course i built it and rode the crap out of it., do wheelies all day. i sold f/f and bars for 450 a couple of years ago and regret every min of it. haven't seen many more of these since. these bikes are awesome and fun. i bought it for the experience of owning the bike rl raced a horse with. i loved it and someone will have a great EXPERIENCE when they buy this. i would but i just dropped a couple for a rl 22 and a bravo kt.  GLWS

It is one of the best Redline designs ever - but old33, R.L. raced that horse rising a PL-20 - not an RL-20, so best start looking for a PL-20 set to build!

Lower price

Lowered price again

a 84 pl-20 right?

This is a 84 RL-20 Prostyler.

B-E-A-Utiful, GLWS!!!

Is it still for sale? I'm interested!!

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