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Landing Gear "Lites" fork decals

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I had a few more sets of SE Racing Landing Gear LITES decals made up for a few people that asked for them. These are the left overs. These are exact prints taken from a set of decals that I had. These are made by a professional graphics company that I deal with.  I have 3 gold on clear, 3 black on clear, and an 2 electric blue on clear.  They look cloudy / hazy in the picture because there is a protective coating over the ink screening to protect the print. You put the decal on the forks then peel this off. These are perfect!!!  Not homemade cheap stuff.  It cost me a pretty penny to have these done.

15.00 shipped flat in between cardboard.  If you do not like them I will pay to have them returned to me.

Please let me know what color you want gold, blue, or black. 

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sold a few - more are left.

do u have the dimensions please?

any chance of shipping to Australia ??

Can I have a black set please ?

man I need baby blue and also the headtube decal

G'day mate,

Do you have any of the lite decals left

Do you still have lg lites available?  If so, please lmk   thanks