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1992 ELF ZR1

Feb 19 '13 8:09PM PST
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Frame Sets

19 1/2'' top tube.  Serial #692140.  The fork has been cut measures 5 1/2'' from bottom of bearing race to top.  Comes with Headset but not chain.  No dents cracks or rewelds.  The dropouts and decals are the only kinda messy parts on this F/F.  All I did before pics was clean with soap.   Any ? Just ask.
Paypal or USPS Money Order only.

For Money Order call dibs, then PM.

Shipping USPS. 

Price is for lower 48. 

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Item sold.



Fork cut at top and re-threaded? Hard to tell from cell phone pics? Fork still safe and works well with frame? Thnx

Threads are good.  It is still safe.  It does still work with the frame.  The headset screws on just fine.  Its a used headset nothing special.

Nice frame dude

Thanks Rmw.

Nice F/F Bro! Mighty Tempting??? Its This or the wheels to complete my current build, which would finally be the finishing touch that I've been after! AHHHHHHH! Decisions?? neutralsadhmm Ill get Back @ ya! $ doesn't come easy to me since i'm unable 2 work due to disabilities! No SS yet!

Thanks.  Although I would like to sell the frame and fork.  If it where me I would choose the wheels.  I can't stand an unfinished project.  I have a few bikes that I would put up in the museum if I could just find some small parts to finish them off.  Guess I'm just picky though.


nice zr man im lookin for the elf powerdisc its like pulling teeth that thing is clean tho slap new decals on it and its good

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