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Revenge Industries 20" 9t wheelset w/Tree guard

Nov 13 '12 9:51AM PST
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Revenge Industries

Revenge Industries 20" wheelset. These come on some of the Fit signature completes.  The rear hub will only take a 9t driver.  20" pinned 6061 Revenge double wall rims, sealed bearing hubs, 3/8th front and 14mm rear, 9t driver, and comes with a Tree front hub guard modded (ie holes drilled in it for tie wraps) to work with the hub.   The clip that came with the guard will be included if you wanted to take it off and use it on a tree hub. The picture of the left side of the front wheel shows a very small scratch on the rim from when the DirtBike fell over trying to take pictures for the museum.  The hubs spin smooth, the axle and threads are nice, and the rims are very straight, not perfect but close, I run my brakes really tight and had no issues.  Got these towards the end of the summer and never had a chance to really ride them much so they're in great shape. 


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Item sold.


Hello, are these double wall rims?

Also would you sell the rear wheel only?

hey, yeah they are double walled rims i forgot to put that in the description.

I would like to sell them as a pair though

its kinda hard to tell from the pics, but is the much brake rub?


The first and third pics show the rear rim, not much brake rub, you can see a little in the first pic towards the bottom of the rear rim. I didn't run these wheels for long so the rub is minimal.  If you want different pictures let me know and I'll take some more.

I've got additional photos of the rear rim for matt or anyone else interested.  Can email them on request

new pictures of the rear rim and hub/driver in natural lighting uploaded into this post, pics 2 and 5

Where is the buy it now button? big_smile

I always forget to include the BIN button but old fashioned email exchange works, PM sent!smile


sent you a pm-

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