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Complete '99ish Mirra 540 air Haro

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This Haro is all original except the bars, grips, and levers. I used the bars for a master I have (bought the bike for them accually) but I replaced them with a set that has the same height, width, and bends. The are the exact same except there are no chevron stamps, I don't know if Haro ever made the bars with no chevron stamps or they are just very nice knockoffs. I've had the bike for almost 2 years. I planned on selling it right away after snatching the bars but it rode so nice it became my daily rider for quite some time. The original tires still have tons of tread and are in great shape. The crank arms have a bit of rust and there is a tiny bit of rust starting in the weld area of the fork dropouts but would be easy to remove. A few scratches from use but over all the finish is still pretty nice! I will answer any questions to the best of my abilities and as soon as possible. I will only ship to the lower 48. I accept Paypal but would prefer Postal money order. Thank you for looking.

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lol @ the 'work sucks' sticker lol

nice ride..

how much cost shipping to malaysia?

sorry, no shipping to Malaysia.

How is this still here?

Good question, this is a nice ride!