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.. UKAI Speedline / Suntour High-Flange ..

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Item sold to showroom (2010-09-29 10:36am)


20" x 1.75" Black UKAI Speedline with Suntour High-Flange hubs and Suntour 16T freewheel.

Not a mint set of show wheels, but nice looking all the same. Hoops anodizing have some scratches/nicks, but no big scrapes. Nice clean satin sides. I normally tru my own wheels, but my spoke wrench is a size too small (Park tool, stamped O with black handle) They need to be trued to run straight. The front a little, the rear a little more. The hubs have Suntour sealed bearing decals and spin good, but I don't think they are sealed type. The Suntour freewheels works/spins good (not very loud). I just applied new black w/white U-K-A-I hoop decals.
If you looking for mint show wheels, these are not them. But if you looking for a nice set of Speedlines with high-flange hubs complete for under $200, these are them IMHO.

Shipping in USA only.

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how much for the red neck (stem)