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1985 Diamondback Hot Streak

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A basically unmolested 1985 Diamondback Hot Streak in survivor condition. The original post and seat were damaged so I replaced them with vintage parts and it looks like the rear tire was replaced BITD. Cables are frozen, rotor needs attention if/when cables are replaced, but it looks complete. Wheels could use the soft scrub treatment, they are a little oxidized, but not bad. Tires are dry and alligatored. Paint looks presentable and decals look pretty good. The bike would benefit from a good cleaning. No cracks, dents or rewelds.

I'd like to find a 24 inch old or mid-school style bike, but I'll just be cruising it. I'm open to seeing whatever, send me pics!.

I'm in Nor-Cal, about an hour north of the GG bridge. Happy to meet you here or within an hour or so of here.

Looking for a local trade or cash sale in person right now. I'm trying not to break it down for shipping.

Please keep the comments positive, I've here for fun, and I suspect you are too. If I'm off with my pricing, please PM me. Thanks for looking!

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Nice ride!!!! GLWS!!!wink

If I had the money I'd buy it smile In the process of custom painting pink & white on an 87 Hot Streak cool

Thanks! It's a cool ride, I just have too many (I was informed) lol

Obviously by your (better) half? tongue lol


Great bike man!

You should have heard the noise when she saw the Skyway TA 24 on the credit card a few minutes ago. Yikes!

I should add that I'm down for trades for stuff for the Skyway. Cranks, wheels, whatevs. Ideally, I'm looking for anodized red or blue rims, I dig SE take-offs from the retro bikes, chrome 3pc cranks, like Redline or Profiles,  open to ideas.