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1986 GT Performer Frame Fork

  • Price$160.00
  • ShippingFree
  • International ShippingNo
  • Trades OKNo


Great looking survivor, paint is shiny and with the exception of the forks having alot of scratches its really nice. Original stickers on the frame have minimal damage and are not cracking or peeling. No dents, dings, cracks or rewelds and the dropouts are nice as well.


By god.. you were the one who sniped this from me on ebay lol
got it for a steal but i was broke roll

anyway why you no get the bars that went with it.. yikes

No, that wasnt me, or this bike. This had been hanging in my garage for a while, I picked it up locally from a friend of mine.

smile nice a shame i am out of the US:D

I think seller will ship out of US if buyer pay additional S&H ?

Yes, I ship internationally, I just always forget to check the box in the listing that I do. neutral