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2011 Eastern Boss 22.5 lbs!!

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I have a 2011 Eastern Boss for sale. Its all original except for the added Tektro rear brake. Weighs in at 22.5 pounds before the brake add on. Flat black with very minimal wear. A few scratches and a couple minot chips. No dings or dents, pretty much a virgin. Included is the original short seat post!!

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strange lookin setup.. why no two front pegs? then could be a cool flatlanf bike smile

oh and since you added brakes that must make it 40+ lbs, according to most new school kids.. lol

Well it was purchased by a friend to roll around on and when he got it, it had both the pegs on one side. we are old and practice flatland and moved them to the back. Also included is the original short seat post. Those crazy new kids like to sit on the rear tire. lol

well i would be one of those kids i have to admit tongue 'im only 17 lol
but the reason behind the seat is its the style of riding has changed its more flat ticks 'not vert' but street which requires a low seat for clearence and a landing pad if you know what i mean..

i ride my seat low at the momment, but i was thinkin about gettin a higher post, people look like a clown if they try to ride on the frame XD
What really annoys me is the people that ride with 2 freakin pegs on one side.. like, dude.. you look like you have the Downs with them two pegs on the left side like that.. neutral and not even that, i rode a bike once with 2 pegs and its unbalanced and stupid feeling.. ugh i dont get it..
when i see two on the back though that tells me, 'you just got those to haul your buddy around, maybe your a filmer or something tongue
other then that i say 4 or none..

also im gonna be a Vert/Street rider.. got lots to learn but its worth it. how many street riders do vert? or how many vert riders to street?
im gonna find a happy medium and thats gonna be my style cool