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2002 G.T. Show Kit A.L. Made in the U.S.A

Nov 25 '12 12:13PM PST
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   Last of the American made Show series, Frame /G.T 1 1/8 Forks/YST headset/zoom seat-post/ black Haro Fusion stem,and seat-post clamp. Aluminum frame .2002 G.T. Show *Kit AL*. No Pac-Man forks Build up your ripper Freestyle bike. As is condition 129.00  P.m me with offers .If International ask for shipping info. United States Post Office Money orders please.  Trades I am looking for is,nice 80's *Seat post clamp*,Handlebars ,seat's ,and 7x Araya Hoops in chrome,or blue ukias in 20/1.75.


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Item sold.



GT SHOW ?!? This is not a GT SHOW frame by any means. . roll

Yes G.T.* Show kit A.L. *  You are not reading  correctly- 2001 .Last of the G.T. Shows as you know them. This frame Made for Australian Market around time of merger with Pacific before everything being sent over seas to be manufactured. Built in Wisconsin U.S.A. Plant I believe , This particular line still sold near one Thousand  $. So you can have something unique ,and still have value.Welds are amazing.


Yup head-set,GT forks ,Stem, Seat Post,and  Clamp with sweet Frame .All this for under Two Hundred Surprised it has not been snatched up. wink

how long is the top tube?

17 1/2 '' TT

sweet frame! GLWS

Wow! Learn something new everyday, I have one of the older show frames, by far has to be my favorite bike,


Then i guess you haven't seen a REAL GT Show from close, or ever owned one. . .
And you keep fooling people and yourself that this is a GT Show.

No offense, but i don't find this Right . And i feel bad that's only me.
1 grand worth bike, looks as a 1 grand worth bike even spay bombed to the serious collector

Duke !!!  You are right! It is not a Show, but the next model Gt made in the series, released After bankruptcy in 2002 when owned by Pacific cycles,  but it may have been developed before?  There are not many examples of this bike to compare against. But blog hogs says its so, and has pics to back it up. They are here. … 05&p=1
It really is an oddity when gt was in disarray.

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