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S&M 990 brake plate brake mounting plate

Feb 4 '13 7:30AM PST
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New S&M 990 brake mounting plate chrome plated.  Does show minor self wear on edges but they are hard to see,  its easier to feel nicks in metal rather than see them.  You really have to look to see them, but thats it. 

I will ship overseas please PM me so I can get you a quote.


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Item sold.


I had no idea S&M made these...

Believe it!

Very cool!

what makes this an s& m plate? Looks like the plate danscomp sold?

Do you have the original packaging?

Because I bought it from them in the late 90's.  Is that a good answer?  Seriously the S&M catalog that I have states that it is flame cut 4130 it came in 2 colors (Black & Chrome) and the kicker is NO MARKINGS.  S&M put no markings on item and could have used the same manufacture, distributor as Dans Comp.  I have seen other products that look identical but not sure what material they are made from.
I have 2 catalogs 1 from 1999-2000 and 1 S&M Distribution catalog and both list the item.

I hope this helps.

Im not trying to step on any ones toes, the 99-2000 catalog also lists a bunch of stuff not made by S&M like the Dia-Compe 990's, Tank Headset, ODI Grips, and KMC Chain. I think it was not made by S&M and just listed in there catalog as options or accessories for your bike just like all the other parts on thoes few pages in the book.

if you had a set, two' of them in chrome id deff grab them wink hmm

I wish I had 2 also. Sorry.

I have Dan's ads from rideBMX magazines circa 1999-2000 that have "S&M Brake Plate" listed in the brake section. they exist and I can post a pic of said ad for you if you like cruiser.

Hello blueep3piece,

Yes I would like that.  Thank you for your help.

my apologies sir. I don't check back on a lot of my beta posts. here you go as promised:
from this
with this on the cover

I love this community smile

i think i have the exact same plate,it looks identical to yours but has a SBC sticker on it...?

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