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Custom Pedal Cages for XCII Pedals Red - Trapezoid

Aug 21 '13 4:03AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK

You can read my story about these cages here: … 7#p2119797

There is an evolution of my posts in that thread.  Basically I was just trying to put some grip in my son's pedals, and wound up going crazy with it.

Don't call "Dibs", Call "Cajjoo!" in this thread, state what you are buying, and the paypal address is (put your museum name in the paypal).  First come, first served.  Your "Cajjoo!" will be held for one day awaiting payment, after that...I cannot guarantee availability - so second "Cajjoo!s" welcomed.  Don't pay on second Cajjoo's until I clear you.  Here's what you get:

What you get:What you get: 1 new pair of aftermarket restoration cages.  Not NOS, not OEM.   You do not get complete pedals, just one pair of cages.
Material: 5052 aluminum; 0.090"   thick
Design: Trapezoid teeth
Pattern cut: A+ (cut on laser, probably better than original)
Counter bore screw holes:Counter bore screw holes: B+ -> A (good, but some slight imperfections.  Note, OG was also imperfect)
Shaping: A (very good, minimal room for improvement)
Texture: 220 sand paper finish. 
Finish: Red anodized.
Anodization: A- -> A+ Some have little pin prick knicks where the electrode clamp was.  My anodizer says it is unavoidable.
Install: Fits Suntour XCII pedal bodies, both styles (braced and braceless). 
My guarantee: Buyer must determine if cages meet their satisfaction/need and are fit for their use/application.  If not satisfied, and if the buyer contacts me within 2 weeks of ship date, and returns cages unaltered/unused to me within 4 weeks of ship date I will refund their initial purchase price upon receipt of returned cages.
Seller: Cajjoo Bikes LLC - VA BCH, VA
Note: These cages are made primarily for the purpose of the restoration of vintage display bikes.  Realize that they are ridiculously sharp - realize they can do serious personal damage.  If you choose to ride with them, do so at your own risk, and wear all protective gear, including shoes, shin guards, and helmets.  They have not been tested for extreme riding stunts, so it is recommended not to do so.
Price: $40.00/pair (+$5.00 Shipping - $2.50 extra for every extra pair in the same order), International: +$10.00 Shipping - $5.00 extra for every extra pair in the same order).
VA residents: 6% sales tax must be added.

What is for sale: Pictured above is what is for sale, namely:

Red Trapezoid: I have at least 10 pairs available.

Other examples of cages I've made:

And now you will get stickers too (shipped loose):

Also I have dustcaps for sale...check my other FS.


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Item sold.


Wow !!!  Really nice stuff!  coolcool

Call "Cajjoo!" I would like to buy a set of red trapezoid & a set of silver trapezoid for my kos kruiser!..


Purchased 3 sets from Troy and they are AWESOME.  They're made with lots of attention to details and the fit is great.  Very honest and professional person to deal with, highly recommended.  Now I’m waiting for the black ones to become available, as I’ll be purchasing a couple more sets .  Go ahead and take the plunge, the real McCoy’s are almost impossible to source new, and if you do find them you’ll easily end up paying more than double the cost of these ones...

WOW! these are nice ! do you ship to Canada?big_smile

Yes, I do.  It's an extra $5.  (Total = $50 shipped).  Thanks.

I want the blue - dibs if they are still available. PM me brettbaugh. Also, will the red fit XC-1's?

I do still have blue:

Also, you asked if red fits XC-1.  Just want to be sure we're talking about the same pedals when you say XC-1: … 4#p2554594

XC-1 was the same pedal body as XC-II, so the red will definitely fit that pedal body.

ouch! i slashed my shins with some just like these one time......i miss that feeling

Then you should probably select the pointy ones...big_smile

No really, please no one slash your shins...your feet are supposed to stay on these!


Thanks repnout - payment received.  I should be able to get them packed up tonight and shipped out tomorrow.

Hi There, do you still have these? If so would you post to uk? Kind regards Stephane

Stephane - yes, gladly.  Total = $50.  PM coming.

Cajjoo troy! Send me some red trapazoids big_smile PP coming. thanks!

Mobydoba - thanks main!  Got the payment - will try to get 'em out tomorrow.

So now, this brings me to about 3 pairs red left folks.  If you want red, I suggest to act sooner than later.  It would be a really long time before I do red again, if at all.

Do you still have the pointy ones ???

Not at the moment....need to sell a bit more of what I have left from the last batch before I can spring for another.  I've got you on my list though.

Ladies and

No, seriously, I am down to two pairs of reds.  If you are thinking about it...I suggest to move forward.

And now, just one pair left.  It is subject to prior sale by PM's, etc.

Looks like last pair is pending via PM.

Last set of red SOLD......THANK YOU SIR....; )

Dang.  Need a set of Red ones.

Sorry 88cruzer.  I work close to Sales and Marketing and if there is one thing I've learned it's that if you ever want to increase the demand of a product - discontinue it.

I'll look you up next time if you'll still looking.

Last set sold and shipped.  Thank you!

This sale is now officially over.

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