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1980's Freestylin Dvds

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Volume 1
AFA footage 88/89
Freestyles Raddest Tricks 85
Haro UK Tour 86
King of the Skate Park 84
BMX Freestyle 86
Freestyle USA 88
Team Haro 88
GTV 86
Freestyle Fanatics 88
Mondo Vision 88
Eddie Fiola 88
and rad.. intro/outro

Volume 2
Demo Tape 87
BMX-Rated 86
Slow Ride 91
Hutch Rad Dogs 86
High Action BMX 86
Hutch Factory Tour 84
Euro Comp 87
L1R Jumping Demo 82
BMX Beat 84

Volume 3
Rad TV 86
BMX Beat 84
Euro Comp 86
NFA Air 85
NFA Flat 85
101 Freestyle Tricks
101 Freestyle Tricks Part 2 88
Volume 4
2HIP Home Video 88
BMX the Movie 83ish
Ride On 92
Dirt Bros Hicks in Action 91
Curb Dogs 86ish
Dorkin' 3 89
BMX Beat 85
Volume 5
Freestyling with "Captain" Fred Blood 86
AFA Masters Finals 87
No Competion 87
BMX X-Tremes 87
AFA KOS Round 1 84
AFA Round 2 84
BMX Belt 85

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$80.00 for all volumes! 15 disc per complete set
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PM me your paypal info. GOTTA HAVE THESE!

vol. 1 very awsome cant wait for the rest. they truly take u back highly recomend.

Rad was a bmx movie from back in the day  fyi    ......glws

Pm sent ref shipping

I want vol 1 to start

Any footage of the lip lords, matt Hoffman and crew.:)

Good stuff here,I got some awhile back and have enjoyed them..

Pm'ed you. Volume 1 please.

now have vol. 1-4 just too cool. hoffman at ages 13-16. you can see how quick he rises to fame, with the 540 over channel. just to :cool:

what's the policy for ones that have probs? I have several home made DVDs, and some get temperamental.

If they were from me, pm me. ive never had problems with any of my discs, ive had these for 10 yrs

Where are you located?

A few more dollars and this is all mines. I'm shooting for the complete set.

Want to buy all volume. PM sent


Any more ?

Always available, pm comeing :)

People gotta get these. I been watching them for days.

People gotta get these. I been watching them for days.

Hey are you giving a valentines day special?

I went balls-out and got the whole bunch...Dibbed, and paid...

Awesome set of vids , thanks !

Just got mine. Complete set. Just watched a little of first one. Have been working a ton of hrs. Can't wait to get some more time and fire them up in the DVD player. My daughter is enjoying them as well. Checking out all the OLD cool stuff Dad USED to be able to do. LOL. Great Stuff Man. Thanks DYNOBMX.

Any porn for sale ???? :P

Just Bmx Porn ;)

dibs, hook me up.

I just got the entire set of DVD's and they are amazing. Great stuff. It;s going to take DAYS to watch them all. Thanks for taking the time putting this all together and out for sale. A MUST HAVE.
Jeff B

Got the complete set and the videos are great ! Hours and hours of footage...some videos I had seen back in the day but forgot and lots that I wanted to see but couldn't afford when I was a teen. I really enjoy watching the contests that I had heard or read about in the mags. A must have for the hardcore freestyler !

dibs on some videos what's left

There always availble, all sets. :)

Cool item I would like to have.

sweet..! :o:D


Complete and single sets are ready :)

PM'd and PP sent for entire series.  Too cool and thanks!

I purchased the entire set of the DVD's.  Despite being burned from vcr, these are good quality and some classic footage!  I am very happy with them!

I enjoy watching all of them. In fact, my wife says "really, watching these again". :D

Dib full set.  Pm sent july 4th

Definitely on my want list!