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OFF to E-Bay . . . . (6) Steel spindles 1/2" JP or Crupi ...threaded crooked/for display

Nov 12 '12 10:01AM PST
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OFF to E-Bay

OFF to E-Bay

No trades, No Haggling.....Thanks!

Up for sale are (3) right and (3) left steel pedal spindles 1/2" thread, never used. Sold all together as a "parts lot" for the price listed, will not sell separate. A magnet doesn't stick to these spindles, so they probably are stainless steel. These steel spindles have been threaded slightly crooked and are not for riding, but would be perfect for a display bike. I guess you could ride them at your own risk, but since they are threaded crooked they might come loose while riding?? The machining was sloppy, so not every spindle was machined the same as you can see down by the threads. The threads are aprox 1/2" for a one piece crank. The shaft diameter is aprox 3/8" and fits an "R6" bearing. They should fit most JP or older Crupi pedals that use an R6 bearing. These spindles were custom made so there isn't a manufacture/brand name. The (6) steel allen bolts will be included. The (6) spindles/(6) Allen Bolts in picture #1 are from the exact spindles/bolts that the buyer will receive. These will be sold as-is, I don't accept returns. Shipping available to the Continental USA and Hawaii only via USPS Priority mail. Please, no APO's and no Puerto Rico.


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