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Haro Master Frame fork fork standers & nippon

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88 haro master frame, fork, standers and nippon with recessed bolt (a must for 88 masters)  frame is in great condition with new decals.  some of the paint was touch up  so its not perfect.  this would be a super nice rider.


Is this a orig color ? I have this exact bike and I'm getting mixed answers saying black was never a 87/88 option just black and blue

all I did was touch up the original paint so it has to be original

If someone wants just the frame I will take the forks.

The 1988 Haro sport came in black.
Why wouldnt the master come in black?

Black was not a "Team" color in 87/88, Black was an 88 color.

The 88 Team Sport was black, the Team Master was teal and blue (head tube forks and bars).  The 88 Master was Coral and Black.  In Europe anyway...

According to Haro catalog there were two team models in 88.  Black was one of them. … atalog.pdf

Oops, wrong, got confused by ass-end of the black Team Sport next to teal Master.  Fine print on last page says black on chrome was 'normal' Master ... … atalog.pdf

interested in any f/f trades?

My black 88 Master is a genuine survivor. Ive also got a survivor Teal/Turquoise Team Master. Check my bikes. Never seen or heard of Haro selling a black Team Master in 88.

Black was a team color. :) 




black is the one,i found at a thrift store for 49.00 bucks ,love haro master 1988  .surivor condition.

this is a great bike ,and a great deal love haro master 88 sweet .

All the Catalogs can be seen at harobmxcollector . com :cool: Nice Frame set and good luck with sale...Gate

Don't go by the Haro catalogues. Most of the colours that the masters and sports came in aren't even listed as colour options. But we see so many about that are original we know they came in that colour. I have had this argument before. Haro defiantly produced a black team master as I had one in late 1987. ;)

If you have a look in the 1989 catalogue in the frame section you will see a flatland master option that is a 87/88 frame in chrome with 89 decals on it.
So how many of those have you ever seen?

Any chance you'll sell fork / Nippon separately from the frame?

Dying for an '88 Master Fork...