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1986 Cali Red RL 22

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A  1986 RL22

Used unsealed Peregrine 48, Frequency G tires, Re- Poped AME grips, Izumi chain, Re-Poped Dominator seat, Odyssey Cables, Haro Pedals and a new School
Redline BB.

Original parts are: Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Levers, Calipers, Chainring, seatpost, seatpost clamp, headset, Crank Arms (single pinch 180mm)

Frame, Bars, Stem & Crank arms have been repowered.

I bought the bike from a reputable member and he assured me the bike was never ridden until I purchansed it.

The chrome is flawless and the forks and rear dropouts show NO wear at all. The bike is Amazing.

I am only selling this due to the fact I ride all of my bikes and I need to preserve this bike and get a RIDER condition RL22

I will sell the bike without Rims/ tires/tubes/chain for $300 less.

PM me if interested in the RL22

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Extremely nice looking RL-20 II you got there! cool

super nice bike bro .... from my hometown,i grew up on the east side

Wow!!!!cool     GLWS!!!!


NOS= New Old Stock
Not repowdered old stock... Anyways its still a sick build... GLWS

Beautiful ride, but not NOS.

thx guys, i did not think it was NOS and I wanted to be correct for this kinda of $$$$

i lov it! hard 2 find this nice of a bike smile

So sweeeet! I want it!

Killer machine cool

this bike is so cool GLWS