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Mini Technique Cranks 153.5mm with bonus free cranks - LOOK!

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Item sold to dannybhqbmx (2012-08-07 4:55pm)

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I have a 153.5 mm Technique cranks that im throwing up for sale. 
  It will take any American or euro tapered bottom bracket.
Threads in pedal bosses are good and crank puller (cap area) threads are good as well.  On non drive side, theres aluminum bends by the tapered hole but DOES not affect the performance or wiggle at all when tightened.

Asking $148.97 :P  to your door.  No dents .  Has little deep scratches on backside of drive arm.  Comes with Technique spider.  When you polish them, the lil   scratches will come out. 
Had them for 2 years now
The item is already packed and ready to go out in the morning.

If shipping it to Australia - Please add $23.00

I also have bullet proof cranks 165mm that is already packed with the techniques. I ll throw in the bulletproofs so you ll have 2 cranks for one price.

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Killer Pit bike part :)

yeah, it can be pit cranks too.  didnt think about that.  :cool: