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MM26-03 26" Mongoose Tribute!

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Up for grabs is a 26" replica of one most iconic 20" BMX bikes of all time. This bike has garnered quite the attention over the last few years. I've enjoyed the attention its brought, but now it's time to let her go. I have several other projects in the wings waitng their turn, so this has to go to someone who will enjoy it.

MM26-03 ( 26" Mongoose 1976 Replica / 4130 Chromo / 2nd Gen OM Flyer Geometry / Powder Coated Black / BMX products stickers

Mongoose KOS fork: chromed / Mongoose headset: chromed /  Mongoose stem: Gold-Chrome plated / Johnny Chopper bars: chromed / BMX products grips

Mongoose 'stamped" 180mm crank: chromed / Black KKT Pedals / Mongoose 28pti bottom bracket: chromed / Sugino 40 tooth chainring: chromed / KMC chain: chrome

Mongoose "stamped" seat-clamp; chromed / Custom solid aluminum seat-post w/ hand engraved Mongoose logo / Mongoose "stamped Kashimax suede seat (the real one)

Custom machined Billet 26" Motomags / Bendix 76 rear hub & housing / Bendix 19t Sproket; chrome / Bendix 76 brake arm: chrome / 26"x2.125 IRC knobbies

I spent allot of time putting this baby together and it's been fun. I painstakingly searched for 2 years to have these mags made, and it was another 2 years before they were finished. This was a pretty expensive endeavor, so understand my asking price. This frame is 1 of 5 Custom Made. I own 4 of them and another is in Australia. I'll have regrets later on, but hey! I've enjoyed it. I hope whom ever buys it will too!

If you're serious about the bike, please send me a PM.



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