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JT Threds sunglasses Oakley factory pilots competition

Apr 6 '17 6:41PM PDT
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JT Racing

JT Threds sunglasses in excellent condition, and are complete no missing parts.  These were competition for the Oakley Factory Pilot glasses and were available with many different lenses.  The JT glasses claim to fame was the fact you could adjust the angle of the lenses to fit your face better or on the box its called Attitude Adjustment.

I will ship overseas just contact me and I can get you exact shipping costs.


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Item sold.


I remember those,I think they were involved with motocross before bmx.

I believe they were, and its funny because now JT is involved with the sport of paintball shooting.  Funny how companies change strategies over the years.

I have a friend with a shop that has a whole display case full of those and all the funky 80's colors. Good luck with the sale..Mo

JT racing USA is trying to make another big impact on moto gear. Bringing back the old school look with new technology.

I use to rock those,you can adjust the arms with a barrel adjuster,I'd be all over them if they where shades

That was the 1 feature that I thought was so cool.

JT Threds were advertised in their cycling/mountain biking catalogs. I have about four pairs of those glasses myself smile

I had a pair of their regular sunglasses I just can't find them.  This was when they were trying to compete with Oakley and started doing several types of shades.

Maybe interested.
Can you PM me please to have more infos.

Just got a set NOS sunglass versions and with the Iridium(oakley like replacement lenses) scored a pair of Ame too! My son Sooooo wants them. HAHAHA it's good to be the DAD!

Hello mofoco1,

That's soooo true.  LOLOL!

Hey, are these still available? Thanks, Paul

Potential dibs

Is there anyway you could make it official dibs?

Now we have potential dibs?  yikes

SOLD to pelt

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