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NOS ARAYA 7L wheels with NOS suntour sealed bearing hubs

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Item sold to mxfan69 (2012-10-27 12:51pm)


NOS silver ARAYA 7L rims laced up to NOS blue ano suntour sealed bearing hubs. Price includes shipping, shipping insurance and paypal fees shipped in the US.

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Those are TIGHT ! ! ! big_smilebig_smilebig_smile

C's GLWS! smile

those are a killer deal, the hubs alone are almost worth that, only if they were black???

They look like 7L's. Regardless, they're not 7B's. Nice looking wheel set though.

Not 7b...

7L's, and well worth the price

Cool, thanks guys.

They are 7Cs,  and a very nice rimset at a steal.  7Ls are a later rim with a profile similar to a 7B

2nd the 7C's,,            Put some blue nipplels on thet set !!    POP !!!  cool

If I was gonna keep them I would.

are these still here....WTF! someone grab em please

wow cool

There were 2 types of 7L's those made in 84-5 and very early ones in 2.125 that were a late 70's hoop.  With the plastic around them it's hard with the reflections....they appear to be 7C's not the later L's. Ambrosio Italian made rims ACS Hubs newly laced with red anodized nipples . Was wondering if you would consider trade ?  Over 3 hundred invested.

Sorry man, need the cash. I was thinking about taking these wheels off the market, restoring the hutch mag hubs that I just got and relacing the hutch hubs on these rims. and selling just the suntour blue ano hubs.



pmd back

Ya'll waited too long, they're mine now wink

damn, you beat me to the punch.....