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NOS HATTA mx100 ano blue head set

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Item sold to Rmcyclery (2012-07-10 4:07pm)


NOS ano blue HATTA MX 100 headset. Price includes shipping, shipping insurance and paypal fees shipped in the US.

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Amazing price! Too bad it wasn't a different colour.

Gone in 30 seconds I bet.

money order ok, it so dibs!!!!!!!

if not I can do E-:Dcheck via paypal

money order is cool. sold!

well whats the deal? I see Rmcyclery tried to kockblock me ...I know he saw me call dibs........not cool RM!

so who got it

Kockblock?Since iam being bashed I will explain. Saw it and hit the buy now. At that moment I didn't see anything under " comments" sorry if I missed it. The times should tell us who was first. The seller will know. It is just a headset my friend I was not trying to cheat anybody.

Well, Rmcyclery did hit buy it now, BUT no pm was sent to me. I did not notice that he hit buy it now because I was listing other stuff and seen I had a message. I looked at my messages and it was Spector007 calling dibs. BUT Rmcyclery DID hit buy it now. Any mods wanna step in and clear this up?

He who pays first gets it.
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