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1983 profile champ pro

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the steal of the century. need money. lol. profile f/f with a little rust on rear drop out. nos hutch pedals, nos uni seat, nos breaks, redline cranks and sprocket. powerlite bars, dk neck, bullseye hubs with araya rims. rims have scratches. great bike could show it.



could i get a better pic of the pedals???    please wink

Haven't seen one of these since I was a kid nice bike

U will prob laugh but I don't know how. Can I text it to u?

Pedals are JDB, yes?

Pedals are hutch

Yes they are JDB hutch pedals

this might seem dumb buy what is JDB?

ill take best offer too!!!!!


I cleaned up your AD. GLWS.

What's that mean? Lol. I'm not much on computers.

What size are the rims? 1.75 or 1.35? You also mentioned scrathes on rims please provide pictures. Also what brand and style are the brakes? Lastly are the cranks single or double pinch?

the rims are 1.5 the breaks look like diacompe, cranks are double pinch and new. i got a message that says u cant see the sale. u should be able too

This thing looks like a champ! cool

did will buy this thing yet?

What? Lol

bomb a$$ price and free shipping this should sell id stay at that price man its a deal.

Nice Bike

Love this bike. Can't believe it's still here.