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1996 S&M Dirtbike SURVIVOR

Nov 19 '12 6:31PM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Peregrine HP 48 rims

Peregrine Super Pro Sealed Bearing hubs

GT stamped Profile 3 Piece cranks 175mm

Redline Flight Chainwheel 44t

101 Platform S&M pedals

Dia Compe 990 Brakes

GT Laid Back Seat Post

S&M Padded Seat

A'ME grips

S&M Dancing Man Slam Bars

S&M Redneck Anodized Red

has S&M pads now

the pegs came off awhile ago never to be seen again...

someone stickered it as a Challenger but its definitely a Dirt Bike!

hate to sell it but havent worked for 6 weeks and gotta sell the toys


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Item sold.


just gave ya'all 60 more reasons to buy!

If you end up parting that out please give me a crack at the wheels and seat.

couldnt bring myself to part this bad boy... appreciate your asking though

be interested in the bars if you do part out.

all for one and one for all.. I'll keep it before I part it

i hate the no shipping...Send it .........

sorry for the last a bit exited..

lemme guess yer international...

welp... I just got franked rawdogg sending a complete skateboard based on previous experiences and quoted dood 75 bucks

ended up costing 119 us dollars to send one complete skateboard

so unless yer willing to pay USPS likely 300 bucks to ship a complete... then you can piss and moan about my not wanting to send a 30 lb bike across the globe...


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