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1983 3B0443⚾️Harry leary turbo complete as pictured !
OG FINISH MINT , The OG smoke is epic on this bike . Pictures do the talking !  This is a must for the Real BMX collector to have . My cell 845 674 6677 . Series one plate has SOLD !🍒🍒$8000

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Wow! Show winner!:cool::thumbs-up:

Awesome killer looking bike 4 sure :thumbs-up:

Timr machine


Frickin gorgeous!


This is the bike that i had to have when i was a 17 expert. Hutch's bike shop had one on display and i had a paper route. So i went to the bank [mom&pop] and was refused the loan lol. I decided I was going to show them so i quit racing in protest. Understand that at that point i was racing a Pk Ripper that was very nice and fast, yep i showed them. I should have stayed out of Hutch's

Pure Diamond Back Royalty

Awesome, I remember seeing one on display in my local bike shop when I was a kid and it has been on my mind ever since . 


Wow og finish too  :D don't get better then this

Very tempting
Had 8 of em


I'm a real BMX collector that's broke 😂🤣 nice bike wish I had the cash