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(2X)-Tioga Fastr-X BLK LBL BMX Tire (Black) (20" / 406 ISO) (20x1.75") (Folding Bead)

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A pair of Tioga Black Label (Folding) 20x1.75 tires (2 tires)
Great tire! Have a set already and these were sent to me by accident.

A highly versatile front and rear race tire option that strikes a balance between speed and control with Tioga's GripPod technology and Nano Knob tread design

CYLEX 120 TPI ultralight casing
PneuMax 110 PSI high-pressure inner coating
FAvntGUARD cut protection membrane
UTC rubber compound
Grip-Pod system helps maintain traction when cornering
Chemical etching on center tread creates a fine texture for enhanced traction
Multi-facet nano knobs provide additional traction on tire shoulders
Tire Type: Clincher
ISO Width: 44mm
PSI: 110
ISO Diameter: 406 / 20"
TPI: 120
Tire Bead: Folding
Tire Diameter: 20"
Color: Black
Weight: (1.75) 11.82 oz

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