85 rl 20

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Item sold to RL Paulie (2013-02-24 8:31pm)


86 redline rl20a, teal perigrine mags rear has little brake rub but will come off redline brute stem, redline race forklifter bars, redline padset,tourney 3pc cranks this is a nice ride here paypal is rockdog71@hotmail.com pm for questions... cranks and stem are sold pm me if u want anything else I am willing to part


thats an rl20 not an a

ok thanks


Looks like the fork is a little bent??? But im no redline expert..
Nice bike GLWS

Think that it is an "a". Bottom rear triangle is not flared out.

The rl20a has a 4" steerer tube making the top and bottom tube close together.Looks like a rl20 with that gap

"Bottom rear triangle is not flared out." jtavols

that's because this is actually an '85 RL-20. the 86 model had the integrated rear framestands.

85 stamped yes

Something looks weird here, the back end looks too short or the seat post tube doesn't look like the right angle. I'm not sure, maybe its the picture but to me it looks like a race frame with freestyle forks. Again I could be wrong.
Maybe if the seat was on properly it might look normal, maybe I'm just drunk! lol

I think its just the angle of the camera looking down, the seat way to far forward and the knobby tires that makes it look weird to me.

i changed the seat guts they were backwards

Damn! That's one of my Grails! I hope it stays in that survivor condition...

make offer need to finish other projects

Its no small challenge to do a teal build!

if you decide to part it hit me up wink i need the mags and seat for my teal rl20 build....


If you decide to part it out I would be interested in the wheels, fork and bars. big_smile

looks like an 85 no paint splatter on stickers and does not have rear frame standers which were triangles that bolted on the rear axle.  nice ride.

it is stamped 85 but was told prolly sold as 86 not for sure tho


ok guys cranks and stem is sold so if u want something pm me

how much for the mags?

How much for Bars?

pmd about the bars...165 shipped for the mags

Dibs, bars and pads as per pm.


bars n pads sold...thanks chitowndad

still have the masters?

still have f/f mags brake seat , clamp, post and pedals

Can you do a close up of stem clamp? May be interested.


PM sent

PM sent

seat clamp is a gt 88

You may wanna relist in its current state.

what do you have left?

Payment sent for the frame/fork/wheels. Thanks!

Thanks Paul