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redline rl 20b

Mar 24 '13 8:35AM PDT
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88 redline rl20b, dk stem kuwahara bars araya rims peregrine clamp? drainpipe seat post, redline sprocket and seat, boa brake not in pic any questions just pm me...paypal is


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Item sold.


why hasnt this sold?

I dont know actually I have nice stuff for sale thats not selling and im not goin to sell less than what I have in it....always willin to trade also

I agree with u rod. Why hasnt this sold!?!?! If i didnt just restore my kiwi, i would have jumped on this in a heart beat!!!!

seems nothing is sellin lately guys

well, tax time is coming. maybe we will see then! im pretty sure that the seatpost clamp, is a redline clamp they look like the peregrine, ive only seen one or two and they are almost identical.

awesome thanks for the info

If I didn't already have one, I would have been all over this deal!

Someone should grab this soon cause as soon as i sell my 20II, BAM im gonna grab this!

what size is the sprocket and pedals?

Pedals 1/2 inch can't remember sprocket 43or44 I think

geez 350 now!!! Thats almost how much i paid for my frame and fork shipped! Guys, the frame and forks alone are worth at least 250-300, that chainwheel is probably a 44 tooth and is worth a 60-100 bucks, that redline seat is a 100 bucks, that seatpost clamp is around 50 bucks, the friggin arayas alone are worth 150-200 bucks! This is insane!!!

Nothing is selling immortal I'm losing my ass but my daughaters bday next week

I really dont understand it, I have my 87 general up for 400 bucks and no ones interested. Maybe you should part it out, you would probably get more money for it, especialy on ebay. People dont know a good deal when they see it!

I need those bars if parted big_smile

don't part em, please for the love of all things bmx! Great bike dude! It will sell:)

Ok screw it lets part it make offers if u want nate u have first shot at bars

Pm me about the seat, f/f  PLS

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