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1985 Redline 600C w/Original Paint/Chrome

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I really hate to part with this, but I'm trying hard to stick to my 4 bike limit, so this bad boy has to go.

This is a 1985 Redline 600C frame with the original Hazard Yellow paint/chrome finish. The fork is a chrome Akisu and I assume the chrome is original on that as well. Most of the decals are repops, made by AJK bikes. They are great decals that match the originals really well, but I kind of goofed up when applying the one on the downtube. I didn't think about the decal being bigger than the tube, since it was actually meant for a RL-20II, so I ended up wrapping it around itself(overlapped) on the bottom. There are some wrinkles in the decal, where it meets at the bottom, but you obviously don't notice them unless the bike is flipped over. I bought the "600C" decals separately to complete the set.

The brake bridge is a little crushed, but you can still get a brake mounted. Everything else seems straight. No bends or dents that I have noticed. There is a spot on the inside of the right seat stay, where it looks like the brake(or something) rubbed the chrome for a while and has left it looking dull. There are plenty of scratches on the frame, but it's nowhere near needing to be re-finished. I'd love to see this go to someone who wants to keep it as a survivor.

I have included additional photos below, but the frame is not wrapped up yet, so if you would like more photos or want me to inspect anything in particular, just let me know. Please feel free to ask questions.

I will include the cups and incomplete headset pictured.

Last 2 photos below show the bike built up.

Additional Photos: … 2_0020.jpg … 2_0021.jpg … 2_0022.jpg … 2_0023.jpg … 2_0024.jpg … 2_0025.jpg … 2_0026.jpg … 2_0027.jpg … 2_0028.jpg … 2_0029.jpg … 2_0032.jpg … 2_0034.jpg … 2_0035.jpg … 2_0036.jpg … 2_0038.jpg … 2_0039.jpg … 2_0040.jpg … 2_0041.jpg … 00c_01.jpg … 0_0027.jpg


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Love it!  She's a beaut!  big_smile

I've seen this in person, beautiful frame, GLWS!!!

I've seen this in person, beautiful frame, GLWS!!!

Thanks for the compliments fellas. I wish someone would take this off my hands, so I don't become tempted to build it again.

Build it. Build it.

C'mon man, you don't have enough Redlines. You need to add a nice yellow racer to your collection. wink

so nice

there she goes. Whats after Redlines --> Kastans.