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Tech 7's show polished w/ removable locking buttons

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Item sold to mikechai (2012-07-28 8:11am)


Show polishished tech 7's. These levers are flawless and show quality, and have not been mounted since restoration. There is no rash anywhere on these and no scratches. I removed the original lock button retaining washers so the buttons would be removable for easier polishing if they start to get alittle dull. The locking buttons are held in place with #6 retaining clips (see last pic) that have to be broken by twisting them off with a pair of needle nose in order to remove the buttons. They are strong and hold as good as the factory retaining washer, I will throw some extra ones in, and they can also be found at hardware stores for about 11 cents a piece. This is not just a once over polishing job, I was going to use these on one of my builds, so I have alot of time invested in these. 200.00 shipped to lower 48. If I ship outde the 48 you're responsible for added shipping costs. Thanks

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Got out ,The bigg Guns Now !  cool

lol...more to come smile

SWEET, CRAZY,  B L I N G ! ! ! cool

dang ive paid that for survivors... big_smile

Dib dobs if you will post to the uk. Pm coming. smile

2nd dibs...tongue

Still up for grabs

Wow I had no idea they were worth that much!I have a really nice set of black ones I am saving for my Haro build.I really like the polished look of yours!GLWS bro!

Dibs as PMed