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DYNO COMPE Custom 90's Price drop!

Feb 17 '14 3:37PM PST
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DYNO Compe FRAME only This was a bike I had some custom work done to and as you can see had built for a short time.  Work that was done?  NEW PAINT (POWDER COAT) to frame and I had added 990 mounts under seat stays ad 2 cable guides and 1 cable stop.  Cost to me $150 for paint & braze ons.  No wear or dents, no scratches, no chips but there is normal wear from wheels leaving marks.

Bike is in excellent condition and could easily be show ready with just the addition of some killer parts!  HEADSET IS NOT INCLUDED!

I will only ship to lower 48 HI, AK, and Canada please contact me and I will see what I can do.


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Item sold.


If your interested in any part let me know and I will see what I can do for you if your not interested in the package deal.

Dibs on bars. PM sent.

Handlebars Sold!

I'm in love with the 990 mounts, but I'm confused by the placement of the cable guides. Explain?

Still confused: Why the brake cable guides on TOP of the top tube? I'm just trying to envision the build you had in mind. No gyro? That's about the only way I can see those cable guides making sense...

Still love the 990 mounts. Best idea, and nicely executed... but the cable guides just make me scratch my head...


OG 89 PM sent.

is the color grey or lavender? and could you explain how those cable guides work?

Color is Grey and I'll PM you on the brake setup.

I would like to know bout the cable guides as well!!Confusing to me as well!Never seen a slanted guide on rear and then 2 on top!!Not very sack friendly if you were to slip ur seat!!!LOL!!!!

That is why you need iron balls.

Funny, but add me to the list of people wondering what's up with the cable guides...why the big mystery?

Someone spill the beans, already!

It's obvious that to get optimal routing to the seatstay 990 mounts, the cables needed to come from above the top tube and go down AFTER the seat tube. The angle looks perfect to operate the rear 990s, HOWEVER, mounting cables on the top tube isn't something I would have done to get it. sad

the answer to everyone's question about the 990 mounts is here:


SOLD to playtoyregal

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