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1987 Diamondback Cool Streak Freewheel -LOWER PRICE LAST BUMP!

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This will be my last bump before trying other venues,...this is the last chance to get this at a great price.
I'd also like to remind any interested parties that Paypal does cover your purchases with the same great buyer protection you'd get on ebay,
so buy with confidence after reading my thorough and accurate description. And feel free to ask questions before making any purchasing commitments. Thanks, -Mickie

Freshly overhauled, 1987 Diamondback Cool Streak. This bike has mostly original parts, and is in pretty good condition, there are some chips and scratches in the paint. This frame-set is free of any cracks, dents or repairs. Features Mike Dominguez signature bars, a one year only style with brake cable loops. Real nice stem, with hollow stem bolt. Fork features standing platforms built in. Fork does have a natural rake, it's not bent. Nice chrome on the headset. Seat post chrome is scratchy and hazy, but presentably shiny. Nice DB seat clamp, thing's embossed with 3 logos! The clamps binder bolt could use replacing though, the allen points are not so crisp. Nice clean factory crank assembly. All the bearings in this bike were just cleaned thoroughly and re-packed(including Crank, Fork, Wheels. Excluding pedals.). I also waxed every inch of paint with the Meguire's Deep Crystal wax system, basically it's more like hand buffing than just simply waxing, for the ultimate shine old paint has to offer. Both wheels were just completely re-built, the bike was originally a coaster and now sports a Shimano freewheel and hub, very nice. I even added a few finishing touches, the "smoke" colored chain-guard to utilize the frames tabs, and some rear pegs cut in length to match the front standers. A new fresh white brake cable, Teflon lined housing. The Huffy seat has a few tiny scuffs around the back edge. The plastic bar ends are a little chipped up. Tires have lots of life in them, virtually no signs of wear on them, they are newer and not dry or cracking. In summary,..this is a sweet old school ride that has plenty of 80's era style to it. Love the "Ransom note" decals, they were a very short term thing for DB.

The components breakdown;
Frame: 87' Cool Streak (Tri-Moly) 18" Top-tube.
Fork: Factory fork, 1" threaded steerer, standing platforms.
Head-set: Chrome, unknown brand, unconfirmed as factory?
Stem: Factory Diamondback, W/hollow stem bolt.
Bars: Mike Dominguez Sig edition, tall 9.5" rise x 28 wide.
Grips: Factory Mike D. grips, in fair condition.
Misc: WHite plastic bar-ends.
Misc: Anti-creep grip ring on left.
Lever: ARSE brand, white polycarbonate.
Brake: Factory Dia-comp 890 caliper. dated 87'.
Misc: White cable housing, Teflon lined, long enough for one full spin in either direction.
Misc: White low-buck brake pads.
Crank: Factory, forged steel OPC, nice chrome, 165mm.
Sprocket: Lun-Chi, steel stamped construction, 44 tooth.
Pedals: Factory equipment, white plastic, in decent shape.
Chain: Factory, KMC 1/8" two-tone, cleaned up and working well.
Misc: Chain-guard, plastic with a clear "tinted" look.
Seat: Huffy. white vinyl covered, plastic core, steel rails.
Post: Factory? 7/8 Chrome plated post, 11" in length.
Seat clamp: Factory Diamondback clamp, aluminum, nice.

Wheels; both wheels were just re-laced, they are both CMC Chrome plated steel hoops. All the chrome on these wheels and hubs was jsut polished up and looking great. They are both very respectably straight, to within 1/16" or less.
Front Hub: Factory hub, KK brand stamped 87'.
Rear Hub: Shimano, steel bodied chrome hub, with long axle installed for pegs.
Freewheel: Shimano (SF MX-30) 17 tooth.
Misc: Thread on chrome pegs for rear, cut to match front peg width.
Tires: Matching pair of Excel brand, 20 x 1.95".   

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And her's a short YouTube video of the bike:

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Nice DB! GLWS!!!!!!

is that bike in the third to last picture for sale?

The post-war Wards Hawthorne in the background is not for sale at this time.
Work is currently underway on the Hawthorne, I'm actually lacing a wheel for it right now.
It's being prepared for the Symco Shakedown Car Show in Wisconsin, there's going to be other rat-rod like bikes there, the bike portion of the show permits pre-64' only.

Dibs - per PM - payment coming.


Payment received!