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Hutch Pro Racer Frame & un-drilled Fork

Apr 30 '15 5:53AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Nice Pro racer fork has some surface chrome missing, frame has normal wear. Some of the chrome on top tube has lost its shine maybe from pad not sure regardless structurally solid. I have plenty of pics for those prospective buyers please don't hesitate to ask. Prefer MO open to any payment arrangements other than paypal. If you do opt for paypal please add 4% as I'm collecting for the tax man as I have to pay it. Open to reasonable offers no trades check my other adds selling lots of frame set.

Serial number is in the 123 format.



I'm seeing 110.00 worth of condition  neutral  It's not gold plated its just a hutch .

looks good...

You need to go and get your eyes checked. Its not a walgoose.


Got one free from old shed ,Forks .The value and they need  re chrome. 545.00 ? 271.50  perhaps. Hutch = Over valued .

^^^Haters in the house with nothing better to do^^^^^

Do not hate , beat my free one  hard today fun ride. yikes

You don't like it don't buy it, don't be a hater!  Nice Frame Set!

forks alone are 200 all day long...

For sure. These bikes are a collectors item now.

For sure. These bikes are a collectors item now.

I think its a great price on a great frame

ridiculous.  Don't let'em hate the Hutch!  Beautiful f/f man.

Not bad for the set if I had the extra cash I would be all over this but I got a cannondale bmx built up and starting on a quadangle frame good luck or if it's still here I just may take her she needs some loving

Whats the top tube length ???


Fair price for Pro Racer F/F set in this condition...GLWS.

metal man here, would by chance have hutch bars and seat post to add to the deal. not for free. let me know , mm

why are u hating on a thread u looked at?!? uhhh, its like u went to the library and checked out a book and then went home and hated on it....?!? good decision bros

I like the frame / fork set, however would need re-chrome imo. That being $150 or so, I'd take it now at $250 / delivered to AZ.

Still here ? tongue Like for ever .

This is exactly why you shouldn't allow comments on your thread. It's all good but sooner or later a fart slips out and stinks up the room^ big_smile 

Nice Hutch glws..

Yeah, close comments. TOO Many dorks on this site.

seems like a good price to me



84 laserlite ur an ass. Just because u don't agree with pricing or what things are worth to u doesn't mean run ur mouth. If u don't like hutches and u feel they're overpriced, move the hell on! U cowards on here that clearly have WAAAAYYY too much time on ur hands crack me up. Go back to everyone hating u on myspace, fb, and at home where u most likely get no respect cuz u live in a basement and mooch off ur parents at 40yrs old. I hope admin kicks u off this site. Its not meant for tard hecklers such as urself. Good day to u sir.

Have only good things to say . Everyone else s  disparaging  comments are disappointing.  Only trying to drive down price so I can snatch up an beautiful Hutch Pro Racer  .tongue   Sue me for being frugal  . GLWS.

Can you post a better photo of the break bridge?

hahha... how old are we here?... geezzz.. am I the only geezer?

well said bikelover76 , i'm new to the site , 84laserlite u r an ass . lol . i bet you dont even own a kuwi / hater's are going to hate . my 2 cents . tongue ....... O'by the way awesome hutch , GLWS mate . / friggin keyboard warriors / dont you just hate them . oxygen thief

Hey 84 laser lite, I want to buy your hutch for $150

i think old school is getting a little over priced but this is a fair price for sure if he had it up for $600 or $800 that would be too much but hes not asking $1000 for it lol so good deal here on a early hutch

Sorry gave mine away B-Day present for  a friends 13 Year Old . Thanks for the offer .and GLWS  !

very good price    f;;;k the haters  this is a hutch fooooolllllllll

This need a re chrome? Are you kidding me???? This frame would be ruined

one just sold on ebay, pre-serial, nice chrome on frame and forks, also included epoch head set, and hutch layback seat post. went for 450 included free shipping.  this is a nice frame/fork maybe a little on the more expensive side.  not bashing just stating.

lol don't buy it then. Simple as that. You might not mean to be bashing but you are. You can always pm the guy if you want him to know that bad

Totally worth the price... h
aters are always gonna hate.. and ride their crappy bikes home. Don't like it, then don't post nothin'. There's always a dumbass out there. We all know what's up. BMX Museum kicks ass!!!

Bottom line is, that's a sick Hutch, and if I had the bread it would already be in my collection. Rock on BMX Museum!!!

year?is it a usa, japan or taiwan model? thnks

It has a baseball so its a japan model, it is worth it, I would snatch it up if it had a larger tt

(271.50)  I still have strongest bid out there .Offer stands . Don't have basement at  My house but would make room for this slightly oxidized ~Thin chromed -could be 82' ,or 83   Hutch  next to My  Two Kuwi's . Take My Money  tired of watching You Pansies not step up and purchase a fine piece of American bmx History .  19.25 TT Suits Me just fine.

......what this Hutch do to anyone for all this? lol Seriously, this is one long comment thread

Retracting My offer ! Found 1 for a few measly $  Was told ....clear that junk out of here.

This was posted 4 months ago. Why is it not sold?

84laserlite, the one you found for a few measly $ looks like a Pro Raider...not a Pro Racer, I'm not a hutch pro though so I may be wrong.
If your trying to drive the price down...being disrespectful isn't the way brother.
Sorry BlackSaurday I had to comment because I just truly don't understand the logic behind bashing someone's sales thread so you can bring down the price of an ENTIRE market?
I just honestly don't get why we ALL share a passion that meant so much to us as kids...but yet some of us make this place a male version of Days of our life's??? Just don't get it....SMH

I'll take it if it can be posted to the uk:) sent a pm

Better do it bro. 3 years now since it was first listed. tongue

lollollol " Retracting my offer??? " lollol!! Yeah I'm sure Black Saturday was ready to pounce on the $271.50 offer before retraction!  lollol


And pay no attention to pee holes.

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