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SE Racing - Wheelie Pegs (New/2021)

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Awesome set of (almost) brand new SE wheelie pegs that were a "Take Off" from a 2021 SE Flyer/Ripper bike. They were never used - but show a marks from bike shop wear and mounting on the bike. These are bolt-on (not threaded) for standard 3/8" (10mm) axle size — but could obviously be drilled out for 14mm as well. Color is black with SE Racing wing logos nicely presented.

They are also a really great smaller/medium size that work well with Old school bikes — with a total length of 3 3/8" long — so they feel much more balanced when you're riding on the outer length. I'm not a fan of super long pegs (myself).

This sale is for one Pair/Set (that's 2 Pegs total) :)
PM with any questions or trades.
I'm looking for an 80's / 90's set of 3" length GT threaded pegs.

Thanks! :)

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