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Nos Kashimax Seat in Brown

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Appears to be unused no scuffs or scratches, it looks like the leather needs to be glued down again on the under side though.

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i like it. any trades?

First glanced at the pic and thought it was a gaint Hershey Kiss. lol

Need spell check-that's "giant" Hershey Kiss...tongue

LOL, it does look like a big Hershey's kiss.  lollollol

I thought the same thing! What a riot. GLWS

This is nice... I'm thinking if I could use it.

Oh damn, I was hoping for 10 pounds of chocolate.

Someone buy my chocolate kashimax!

is it a pivotal seat?

Yes sir!

It has rails, so it isn't pivotal.

Pic of the underside to see the leather and where it might need to be glued etc..?