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'86 Redline Rl20

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Item sold to jukeman (2012-05-13 11:03pm)


Redline RL-20 prostyler.
Great survivor shape, will be excellent once cleaned up. If it doesn't sell, I'll take the time to clean it up, but I know people enjoy these easy restos. A bit of elbow grease and she'll be shining.

Assume it's all originals with the exception of the forks. Redline forks were replaced with akisu forks at some point.
Dia compe locking levers , DC brakes.
Peregrine master mags.
Redline 4bolt forklifter
Tires need replaced.
Would appear the wheel has never moved in the dropouts on the frame.
very minor paint chips.

Original owner said he only rode it to the pool and back during summers, and it shows.
A little bit of dirt,grime, and slight oxidation, but nothing that won't wipe off.

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That ain't gonna last long... Cool RL man.
I'd be on it in a heartbeat if I was nearby.

GLWS cool

Great price!!! GLWS

OMG!!! All these redlines showing up and they are butes!!!! GLWS!!!

That is nice. cool

WoW, and 2 days before payday! Nice bike, GLWS

i couldn't wait..paid in full..what a beauty..ive had a good two weeks with redlines..i just love them..friendly one knows

dunno how I missed this... yikes