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Redline RL20B Kiwi 1987-88

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For sale is my Redline RL20b.  I got this bike for my 10th birthday, had to mail order it from a catalog, haha.  Its been sitting in my parents garage, then my garage for years.  Missing the front brake and the brake cables from the gyro up.  Other than that it is bone stock.  Grips, tires, everything is original.  I had dreams of restoring it for my son when he's old enough to ride his first bike, but that is yearsss away.  More pics can be seen at
My only condition for the buyer is that if you fix it up you have to send me pictures.

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Bad azz bike bro!I am restoring a red RL-20a at the moment.Love the way these ride!

Wow great deal!!!!!GLWS, it should go quick at the price!

Dont sell it.... you'll regret it!  yikes

Yeah... Your gonna regret it...

You shouldn't sell your first bike. I have been regretting the day I sold mine for 27 years!

Man that bike must have seemed big when you were ten.....
Im 5'6" and most Redlines still seem big to me LOL

I'm trying to do it... PM sent...

Don't do it!!!! Get her going yourself!!!

keep it!!!!!

Don't do it bro!
Hide it!
Outa sight, outa mind.

Want it...dibs

is this still for sale?

I won't regret it.  I signed up for a pro account to sell it here because people really care about these bikes, haha.  Sale is pending now.

Sale pending to thebrokenorder.