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1982 Ukia 20X2.25 Blue and chrome campagnlo

Feb 15 '13 11:07PM PST
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I have a set of Ukia 20 inch rims there new they where going to be built and put on my revcore Pro XXL but bills and little life's short comings i had to sell the hole project bu the wheels they are built trued straight they where built 6 years ago.So they have a lot of sit time.Front rims has a long starch on the edge of the Rime i hope i can get it in the pic there a metallic blue.To me its the best Blue that the rim company's every perduced.I used Bullshot grease its red it might need to be redone.

the Hubs are Campy 1984 Nauro Record Hubs.They where polished 7 years ago These are not track Hubs there 10 speed hubs converted over to Bmx.The cromo axles are straight all the correct cones and axle nuts are right.We all know that the Campy axle Kits are up to 150.00 i was in the right time when i bought a old stash off a guy for very cheep

the spokes are stainless But do polish up nicely  Remember i new so I put a buy it now Cus so many people call dibs and it can be really scary

Just to add the front hub will come with Campy axle nuts sorry all old pic's


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Item sold to Detroit Dirt Bikes.


Those are fresh!!

nice deal here, wish they were small flange

I was never a small flange hub fan the larger the hub the smaller the spoke stronger the wheel blus it looks cool all polished out and in a colored rim makes them stand out

These are lurrrrrrrrvley...... I am tempted. pm incoming cool

Very nice wheels and thumbs up for something not seen everyday.

Ya they are hard to come by now days.5 years ago most guys would of not of token a second look.But with all the color bikes now and no real color code to go by.These spin fast and long the guy that bought them Is major happy with the buy all i need to do it box em and ship them

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