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KASTAN COLLECTION Selling As 1 Lot Rare stuff

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Selling as 1 lot for now... here is a huge collection of kastan stuff...  as for uni blades.. 2 24 inch cruisers, 1 24 in jr cruiser, 1 20 in mini, 2 20 inch ,  8 hubs, 2 are the first style, 4 kastan seatposts, 4 sets of NOS pads,  2 sets NOS in box Cranks, 3 powerdisks, 2 extra sprockets, 3 nos sets of stickers,  cruiser bars in a few different styles... 2 piece, 4 piece and powerbend,  2 mini bars, few regular bars,  most are nos,  5 regular forks,   and so much more not listed or shown  ...   serious parties only... not in a hurry to sell, dont want to part out,   this is a goldmine for someone trying to complete a whole set of kastans



Please let me know if you have a price on one of the 24's complete as possible...Thanx and GLWS!


Would be cool to own a 20 or 24 inch.

very nice collection

DIBS 24 in jr cruiser please if you part

I also would take a 24" if parted big_smile

wont end up parting, if it doesnt sell i will slowly restore them.,.. all bikes have chrome araya rims special edition, 7x, and i dont remember the others

i need the 24 in jr cruiser to add to my collection of mini 24s  big_smile

big_smile nice

Wow, how much if I pick em up? I am very interested, can I get the whole list, and or some better pics? i NEED that stuff. hehe

who bought it???? GAry?