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Haro 03 Nyquist Backtrails 16" pit bike chromoly complete!

Jul 25 '13 4:17PM PDT
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Used Haro Nyquist Backtrails 16" complete bike in excellent condition. Bike main frame chromoly 4130 and I believe was the last year this bike was made with chromoly.  Pedals, bars, and grips do have scratches or scuff marks on them.  Bar end plugs are in fair/poor condition this is from the little one dropping bike, but bike as a whole is awesome!  Some brake wear on rear rim, but it's minimal.  Chrome is excellent and decals all look good.

Shipping is to the lower 48 only and its FREE!  Just lowered price to $150.00 great deal on this bike!


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Item sold.


im going to troll on this. Why? cause your ripping people off by selling these for way more than there worth i got min of cl for 80 bucks

1st use better english it's hard to understand what you're trying to say.  2nd you don't have to purchase it if you think it is over priced.  Also price includes shipping, materials to make sure it will get there in 1 piece and that is one area I don't skimp on. 

What is it worth to you might be different from the worth of another individual. The worth of an item is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it.

I hope I educated you.

Yeah no kidding.  Maybe the guy on CL was underpriced and you got a great deal.   I'm not taking sides here, but if someone wants to pay for the bike that is up to them. GLWS.

Hello Planb3,
$80 is one hell of a deal for this bike. What no one understands is that this year bike was the last to be made with chromoly, and the quantities made are smaller also.  Which means there harder to come by than your normal 20 inch version.

Looks like a pretty fair deal to me, besides it is in great condition! GLWS!


I was agreeing with you sorry if that came off as me bashing the bike.  I was saying "ilikebikes97 " was being a bit rude.  I think it is a good deal.  I actually have the same bike but in blue sitting in my collection ready for a restore.  Someone should bite on this one.  Nice ride, looks clean too.

Hello planb3,

I understood where you were going and I wasn't upset at all, I was just making my argument.  I thank you for your support, and the reason I'm selling is because I have 2 X24 Backtrails that I plan on restoring, and I can actually ride those.
Take care.

Is this bike still for sale?

What ever happened to ilikebikes97? He has no feedback, no bikes on museum, and nothing for sale?  But he has the nerve to insult me, and then disappear.  Heavens to mergatroy the nerve of some people.  LOL


I think it's a decent price.  Too bad my son already has a lil ripper

Thank you for understanding, and its kind of expensive to ship and what I'm asking doesn't even cover it. (Shipping)

I love the lil bikes. These make awesome resto builds and you can be very, very creative with em. I love all pit bikes and pit bikes are definitely much, much more rare than the normal 20 version. I think it's a nice bike and price. Oh yeah, I think the seatpost clamp is on backwards. Maybe it's supposed to be like that on this bike? GLWS!

Hello flowerpower2016,  Yes the seat clamp is on backwards, and that was the way I bought it from the guy. I have done nothing to this bike except store it in my garage.

Can you give me an estimate on how much this bike weighs? Looking for something I can just trick on, not into racing anymore.

Sold 8-5-13 to Nate G.

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