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NOS Beauty! 1987 Raleigh Ultra Shock - Frame Fork Bars

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1987 Raleigh Ultra Shock - NOS Twin Top Tube Beauty!
I believe this is an 87 from the serial number (M7ET****).
I purchased the frame many years ago from someone who told me it was NOS and had never been built up. There are no washer marks on the rear drops and no crimping from a seat clamp - I don’t even think a seat post was inserted.
The frame has been wrapped in plastic for the past 10 years (that’s how I received it).
It’s got marks here and there that you may be able to remove but I’m not trying and ruining it. The decals all look amazing! The 2 cable stops where the cables connect to the rotor and rear brakes have chipped paint.
The frame has shelf wear - but not from me. I’ve had it packed away and boxed up since I had received it - this is the first time I’ve even seen it unwrapped from all that plastic.
Included are a set of used chrome Raleigh forks that have a little rust here and there but will clean up nicely - the threads are good. Plus, the Raleigh freestyle bars that once were pink - and no, I didn’t paint them black. I love the shape of these bars.
I had hunted for the forks and bars after finding the frame and always wanted to build it up - but as you all know, life gets in the way of our fun projects. So here it is for sale.

Local Pick-up only - in Los Angeles (Burbank) - Sorry No Shipping!
PM for payment info

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Wish I was in cali!

That’s badass

SOLD! to Retrobmx91 to add to his RAD builds!